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Understand and Build a GraphQL Federated API Gateway with Apollo and Nest

Greetings GraphQL revolutionized modern API development by addressing issues in REST through a unified interface. While GraphQL is well-suited for building monolithic services, modern applications are often complex and developed using the microservices architecture. How can we harness GraphQL to provide a unified API in a microservices application? This is where GraphQL federation comes in to solve the problem. Complete source code -  Nest GraphQL Federation Challenges faced in REST API Before delving into the GraphQL gateway, it's important to first grasp the issues associated with the REST gateway. In the example below, when we need to retrieve a book along with its author, the client must initially fetch the book and then make an additional request to obtain the author's information. Alternatively, in the case of multiple BFFs (Backend For Frontend), we would need to implement this in the API gateway. However, this would necessitate the mainten