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Angular - Let's create a starter project


Angular has many things to learn though we can skip those and directly create simple project. It will be harder to study all the features first. So here, i'm going to directly create a simple starter project.

This is the end result of this tutorial.

Install Angular CLInpm install -g @angular/cli ng version
Create a projectng new angular-store --routing --style=scss cd angular-store npm install
This will create a basic app structure.
Run the projectng serve --open # short form ng s -o
With zero code, we have a running template. That's some power.

Angular Material Let's add material UI design into our project. For more information visit
Below command will add angular material into our project and update neccessary files.
ng add @angular/material
We want to use material design component in our project. To add material components in a single place let's create a separate module named material and update it with neccessary materaial …