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Play with Elasticsearch basic queries

Greetings In a previous article , we set up our environment to play with Elasticsearch. Let's try basic queries in this article by building a movie search. Unlike other databases, Elasticsearch gives full searching power. Let's slowly dig into that power. Hence this is not a deep dive. I use the top 250 movies from  imdb-api in this exercise. Movie database Let's build a movie database using imdb-api and play with queries. Save movies as documents Movies to contain text, numbers, arrays, full text Structured search using movie ratings, year Full-text search (title, actors) Phrase search (plot, title) Return highlighted search snippets Note: You can either use Kibana UI or a direct call to Elasticsearch. Hence I skip the URL path. curl -XPUT -H "Content-Type:application/json" localhost:9200/movies/_doc/tt0068646 -d ' { "title": "The Godfather", "year": 1972, "rating": 9.2 }' Indexing mov