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How to use Spring Boot with MySQL database

Greetings! Spring Framework simplifies working with databases by auto configuring connections, handling transactions, using ORM tool like hibernate, abstract sql by Spring Data Repository. We are going to focus on how to connect MySQL database with Spring Boot application. Sprint Boot has many defaults. For databases, H2 in-memory database is the default database. It auto-configures in-memory databases even without connection url. Those are good for simple testing. For production use we need to use a database like MySQL. Spring Boot selects HickariCP Datasource due to it is performance. When spring-boot-starter-data-jpa dependency in classpath it automatically pick HickariCP. complete source code this blog post is here . How to configure a database Obviously, to use a database in our application we need; Database driver to connect to database Connection url Database username and password In Spring Boot application we need to provide atleast connection url, otherwise i