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Microservices - Getting Started


In the past we used to pack all our services into a single bundle and deploy it. This monolithic applications have it's own pros and cons.

Massive code bases are difficult to maintain.To deliver a single feature we have to deploy full application.If something fail, whole system fail.Difficult to scale.Domains are tightly coupled.Everything in a single database.Quick deliveries are difficult.

This does not mean monolithic systems are bad. It is depending on the system we build. Above mentioned disadvantages will become advantages on those situations. In addition to that a monolithic system;

Easy to monitorHave one code base to maintainEasy to trace any errorEasy transaction handling.

Ideally, if your company is not willing to bear the initial cost (specially start ups), CI/CD pipelines, server costs, etc go with monolithic.

On the other hand microservices are here to solve these kind of problems although it is not a one fit for all solution. Given all the advantages, one o…