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Logging with logback

Greetings! It is important to add proper loggers into our application because when something bad happens, it is the way to gather related information. There are multiple libraries for logging in Java like JUL, log4j, logback. Spring uses logback as the default library. When we add any starter dependency that will add starter-logging as well since it depends transitively on the logging starter. howto-configure-logback-for-logging Complete source code,  todoapp $ git clone $ cd todoapp $ gradle clean bootrun Log Levels Log messages can be used in several levels. ALL < DEBUG < INFO < WARN < ERROR < FATAL < OFF If WARN is enabled, then WARN, ERROR, FATAL will be logged Appenders Appenders responsible for writing log statements. ConsoleAppender – writes messages to the system console FileAppender – appends messages to a file RollingFileAppender – extends the FileAppender with the ability to roll over log files