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Domain Driven Design (part 1)

We all have heard of Domain Driven Design and we all (including myself) are struggling to use it. Let's try to understand few things together. Domain Driven Design is first coined by Eric Evans in his book which is a concept to structure projects using the business domain. Domain is the King. While we can arrange our structure in varies ways, there is a common factor in every project, "business domain". No matter, project domain is the reason why the project exists. It is clear that domain is the most valuable thing. In his book, Eric Evans describes how we can build our projects centering the domain. Fair enough, for small projects this may be over engineering. In his book, he mainly focuses on the domain layer in our system. Domain -  Domain is the real world problem we are going to solve in our application. Domain refers to the specific subject that the project is being developed for. The subject area to which the user applies a program is the domain of the software. D