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Effective Strategies for Handling External Services

Greetings In various software development scenarios, we inevitably encounter external dependencies, whether they are our own services or entirely third-party entities. Especially when it comes to microservices this is very common. Systems can fail or crash if we don’t plan and handle these scenarios properly. Having personally encountered such situations, I became increasingly curious to delve deeper into this. Note that there are no “exact” answers when comes to these kinds of situations. The best is to let the business decide which option to use as it will save a lot of time, engineering effort and of course money by not over-engineering. What can go wrong? Let's first categorize the scenarios that can happen when using external systems. Service Unavailable Service is not able to handle high load Service had implemented rate limits Service is slow All these will impact our businesses hence we need to carefully design our systems. However, we cannot say there is a perfect solution