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Microservices - Distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin

Greetings! Microservices are very flexible. We can have multiple microservices for each domain and interact as necessary. But it comes with a price. It becomes very complex when the number of microservices grow. Imagine a situation where you found a bug or slowness in the system. How do you find the root cause by examinig logs? Collect all the logs from related microservices. Pick the starting microservice and find a clue there using some id (userid, businessid, etc). Pick the next microservice and check whether the previous information are there. Keep going until you find which microservice has the bug. I have followed that practise in one of my previous projects. It is very difficult and takes a lot of time to track an issue. This is why we need to use distributed tracing in microservices. One place where we can go and see the entire trace. It helps us by; Asign unique id (correlation id) to all request. Pass unique id across all the microservices automatically. Re