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Breaking if/else with a Chain

Greetings! There are If/Else or switch statements in any Software. We need to use that logical branching for object oriented programming as well. The question is how do you use that? are they readable? maintainable? or looks beautiful? What I normally see in such codes is those are very fragile, hard to read, ugly. Needless to say about the vulnerability of the branching levels in this case. Most of the developers might add few private methods and call those to show that the code is clean. This can be solved in multiple ways depending on the situation. Simple Conditions When you see such a code, consider it as a candidate for polymorphism. In most of the cases, you can deal this with abstraction. A simple factory will do the rest. Multi level branches Complexity arrives with multi levels. It is quite difficult to identify common factors, abstraction. However, it does not mean you can't do it. It depends on the problem at hand. You might still fix this with a simple interface, using