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Ruling the code with Rules Design Pattern

Greetings! As a big fan of Chain Of Responsibility design pattern I was thinking to move out the if condition into a separate method so that I can loop through chain externally. It turned out that I end up implementing Rules Design Pattern. I first encountered the pattern few years ago in a C# article ( ). You can find the pattern in this course patterns-library . Rules Design Pattern In this pattern, we decouple the business rules from their processing by encapsulating them in to separate classes. We can add/remove rules without impacting the existing logic. This looks much like the Chain of Responsibility except processing rule is separated. One glitch I have faced is we are unable share one rules data with another as the rule and processing are decoupled. Anyway, it is worth to try. I'm not going re-invent an example. Instead i'll use the same example as in C# article but with minimum logic. public class Customer { pr