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Let's build our own online multiplayer chess game

Greetings! Chess is a hobby I enjoy, and as a chess fan, I often play online at But you know what's even more thrilling? Creating our very own online chess game! I'm excited to share my experience with anyone interested! Source Code: GitHub (slmanju) Final result (using two browser windows) Chess game Chess is a complex board game played by two players. When a player makes a valid move we need to make it appear on other players board. What else, pieces, rules, communication, and lots of complex things are happening. I don't want to reinvent such complex things when things are free. Aha... the free stuff It's challenging to create all the necessary elements from scratch. Why go through the trouble when there are plenty of excellent free resources readily available? Let's make use of what's already out there. Chess pieces - wikimedia Chess rule - chess.js Chess board - chessboard.