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Let's Restore Agile

Greetings! I have been working in Agile environments for different companies for many years. We had/have a Scrum Master and Daily Standup, and that is it. That is Agile. This is what made me think "daily meetings are for bad managers". I started reading, practicing more on Agile and found this ( how-keep-your-team-from-getting-agile-wrong-hasitha-liyanage ) interesting article where I got more courage to apply Agile principles, values into my team. Where to Start? The first thing anyone should do is to read agile manifesto. It quite amusing that even certifed scrum masters/managers have no proper understanding on the manifesto. It Is Not About Processes The very first princile in Agile is "team over process". What does mean is, processes have value but the team has more value. For an example we don't need Daily meetings if the team decided so. It is the team decide how to work. Supoort and Trust Have you ever felt Trusted and Supported? If the answer is NO, you