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How I achieved CKAD

 Greetings! I finally became a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer aka CKAD offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in collaboration with The Linux Foundation. I would like to share my experience with few tips with you. I do not use, do not have a chance to use Kubernetes in my daily work. Not only Kubernetes, I do not have real world experience in Docker as well. So it is a hard journey. Exam details I don't want to repeat it here. You can read it here . This exam is not something you learn and remember things and answer the questions. You have to perform labs in live environment. You have to fight with the time and that is the most difficult part.  Even if you remember, know everything you can't pass!!! This is why everyone says practice! practice! practice! There are discount coupons. Use them to buy the voucher. Recommended materials Learning depends on your character. Some people like to read documenatatio