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Building a GraphQL server with Nest and Apollo

Greetings! GraphQL is rapidly gaining popularity as a more elegant solution for querying data compared to REST API. At the same time, NestJS streamlines the process of building efficient Node.js applications. In this article, I'll utilize two of them to construct a GraphQL server using NestJS. Note: I'll assume you have a basic understanding of GraphQL and NestJS. Source code -  Nest GraphQL GraphQL: A Quick Introduction GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. Schema: The GraphQL schema acts as a blueprint defining the data structure. It serves as the contract that establishes communication between the client and the server. Data Sources: These are the real data stores, which can be diverse, including databases, REST APIs, and more. Resolvers: Resolvers bridge the gap between the schema and data sources. They serve as the guides that tr