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Migrate your (WordPress) website into a Microservice

Greetings We recently migrated our WordPress website into our microservices stack to maintain it within the same stack. It was a fun experience for me hence I'm sharing it with you so that you can learn from it. I will provide a high-level thinking process and the reasoning behind decisions. Note: The majority of this is still valid for non-WordPress websites as well. Option 1 - Direct database access WordPress uses MySql as the database to store posts. If you have full access to the database you can directly access it and fetch using your own queries. However, this was not our case luckily haha. Unless we would not get this learning experience. Option 2 - Selenium We started with the selenium web driver that runs through the Chrome web browser. Selenium gave us a perfect solution that scraped all necessary information. With selenium, we can navigate through pages, click on links and navigate to sub-pages. When we navigate to the desired page we can utilize selenium-provided APIs t