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What we learned (in each Sprint)


Another job change, another team. That is how my career goes as I tend to change jobs (for obvious reasons). This time I'm working with a team where almost everyone is new to the business and product domain. Not only that, more than half of them are freshers. If I don't teach them who will?

I have tried various ways to teach the team about the business and product domain (this is even new to me), internal frameworks (again new to me), and other technical aspects.

Things we do/ did

  • Clean Code chapter by chapter by each member
  • Domain knowledge sessions with QA/ BA
  • Internal framework sessions by each team member (learn and teach)
  • Continues knowledge trainings (Java, Design Patterns, Angular, any useful technical thing)
  • Gaining knowledge and insights from from other team. (lucky that we have friendly people here)
  • Question of the Day - separate team chat group in which each teammate gets the opportunity to ask a question. (though people often forget this due to busy work)
Team has gained enourmous knowledge in short time (remember we all are new 😉) and lots of confidence in working in core areas. Bonus: presentation skills (agr improving 😉).

The newest addition to this is "What we learned?"

What is it?

It is fairly simple. Each team member shares their newest gained knowledge by the end of the Sprint.

What is the purpose?

Sharing is caring! Not only that we get an extra team chatty time.

How does it work?

This is just another friendly meeting for us. We are not trying to outdo others. No jealous. No enemies. We don't resent others and we don't hold grudges. Our pure intention is to share what we learned.

Each team member presents, teach others the things he or she learnt during this short time. That can be newly discovered domain feature, can be an internal framework thing, newly learnt Java, JS skill. Newly encountered Sonar rule. May be how they failed/ succeeded to handle a situation. Regardless of the context or concept it is a new learning. Perhaps others already know those things. Who cares ;)

Time will tell us the success rate, but so far so good!! 

Try these things, you will not regret ;)

Have a good day!