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REST tutorial : error handling


So far we have neglected error scenarios in our API. Any application without proper error handling is a disaster.

You can find the complete source code here Todoapp

Try these URLs and see the output.

Spring has handled errors for us!! but the messages are not interesting enough.

Global exception handling

  • With Spring's @ControllerAdvice we can handle exception globally. 
  • ResponseEntityExceptionHandler : A convenient base class for @ControllerAdvice classes that wish to provide centralized exception handling across all @RequestMapping methods through @ExceptionHandler methods. 
  • @RestControllerAdvice is a new feature of Spring Framework 4.3, an annotation with combined @ControllerAdvice + @ResponseBody
  • Enable spring.mvc.throw-exception-if-no-handler-found to customize 404 error

Note that our TodoService is also updated to throw a custom exception.
See the complete code in error-handling branch.

In next part of the tutorial we are going to add validation to Todo itself.