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REST tutorial : Controller layer


This is the last post of our RESTful webservice section 1 ;) . Previous part is here
We still have to implement error handling, security etc

You can find the complete source code here Todoapp

Step 1: Create TodoController annotated with @RestController

Step 2: Implement our methods. Spring will do the REST ;)

Let's test our service using Postman.
start the server, gradle clean bootrun

Test 1: Empty Todos
Note the status: since we do not have any Todos yet, it is 404

Test 2: Create a Todo
We get the 201 status and created Todo's location in header

Test 3: List Todos

Test 4: Update a Todo

Test 5: Delete a Todo

That is all for now, though it is working we are yet to handle errors properly and secure our end points.